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Balancing your career
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 A Common misconception
It’s a common misconception that focusing on your career means saying goodbye to the other aspects of your life. Yes, a successful career does require a lot of time and energy, but you don’t have to say goodbye to your social calendar and kill your love life. There are plenty of ways to have it all and there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

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 You can miss out
A Social Life Helps With Networking
Friends are great for many things, including networking and meeting new people. Going to social events with your friends gives you an in with all the people in their circles. It is very easy for a friend to introduce you to someone who could help you get ahead in your area of focus. If you are only focusing on getting ahead in your career by doing everything yourself, you can miss out on plenty of opportunities that you could have had by simply going to that party your friend was begging you to go to. And meeting a new hottie who already shares one of your interests? Double points

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 Ready to look for something
Casual Dating Is Still Dating
Just because you are not looking for something serious at the moment doesn’t mean you have to give up dating completely. There are plenty of people who aren’t looking for something serious, but casually date certain people because they enjoy having those people around. Dating, no matter what kind, is still a learning experience. Continuing to date casually can help you realize what works and doesn’t work for you in a relationship. You can figure out what you want in a potential partner and what you absolutely don’t want as well. You might even surprise yourself. This can prepare you for when you are ready to look for something and someone more serious.

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 Individual happiness will come
Being Independent And Successful Makes You Desirable
Being motivated and successful in your career allows you to be confidently independent and confidence is very attractive in the dating world. It’s okay to not need another person to define your happiness. Actually, the happier you are independently, the easier it will be to find the right person for you because you won’t be desperately looking for someone else to make you happy. You can focus on finding someone who complements your individual happiness. So continue to focus on your career and personal success. There is nothing wrong with being a hard-working, motivated person. Just don’t let your work completely distract you from the rest of your life. Be open to other experiences and remember that when all the aspects of your life are harmoniously working together, your individual happiness will come easily.

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